How to Design your Living Room?

PUBLISHED Mar. 11, 2021

A living room is basically the center and the focal point of all things at home. Whether you design it in that way or not, it still needs to be on top of functionality since all things casual or not such as meet up with guests or simply chilling and watching TV would be here. 

Everyone wants to feel relaxed in their living rooms, but how would this be a reality? Here are some points to make your living room look on top of the game. 

Free the Clutter

If you have tons of clutter in your living, which most people tend to do due to the majority of time spent here, you are also bound to have no mental clarity. A lot of items that are in the living room that make up most of the clutter are magazines, cups and dishes, which destroy the overall look of the living room. Try adding storages to the room such as closed storages and sideboards. Adding extra charging cords or books can help elevate the room as well. 


Adding a neutral or solid color base to your living room can help you add fun colorful elements of decoration to your living room, and will not make the living room’s color theme look loud. For instance, adding green pot plants in corner areas or a good old pop of color with an accent chair will definitely amplify the room. 

Big Spaces

If you have a large living room to play with, it can be easier to assume you can add a lot of things to it. However the lesser you add items, the better. Get the grounding design done first by adding large furniture and side items such as lamps and console tables. After that, try to visualize how to create that perfect balance with a variety of decorating items. 


Proportions are vital to getting the decoration of your living room done right. Once anyone enters or sees the living room, it is usually at a larger angle. So make sure the pairs are done right. For instance, a very small table with a large couch will look uneven. A good example is to pair transparent coffee tables with large neutral colored sofas for a lighter vibe.

Clean Walls

Don’t mistake this with just adding a fresh paint coat. Before thinking of designing or redecorating your living room, the first thing is to removing any wall art or wallpaper that has previously been added to get a clean base as to where to start. Try adding a tall lamp or a palm plant. This will help create depth to the space.

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