Continual professional development at Asali Bali

On the 22nd of June, the Inspiral Architects team- consisting of architects, engineers and designers- attended a workshop at a bamboo construction center to further expand our knowledge on the treating, processing and construction techniques of bamboo.

Asali Bali has been established since 2009 and specialises in bamboo construction. They offered a Bamboo workshop as part of a continual professional development program. Asali promotes highly skilled artisans from local communities, applying the latest developments along with the traditional Indonesian knowledge base.They are engaging, sustainable and environmentally responsible.

First we learned about the life cycle of bamboo and how it is grown and chosen. Afterwards we were given demonstrations on how the bamboo is cut and carved. The Asali staff gave informative presentations on how to design bamboo, structural calculations, freemite organic treatment and bamboo charcoal. We had the opportunity to partake in a carving activity, meaning we carved the bamboo into structural connections using a type of traditional bamboo screw technique. With the bamboo scraps, the staff make bamboo charcoal to ensure that nothing is wasted.

Overall our visit to Asali Bali was an extremely advantageous and team building experience for all of us at Inspiral Architect’s. It has helped to develop our knowledge base regarding this highly versatile and sustainable material. The exchange of knowledge and skill sharing between us as design professonals and the  Asali staff and construction professionals was incredibly informative and collaborative.