Breathe fresh life into an old story…

This is not just nostalgic, this is eco-friendly and sustainable! For a lot of our projects we use reclaimed teak wood. One example is The Cove – a 5 bedroom villa near Balian Village, Bali (find more pictures on Pinterest).

While our clients wonder from which old house or palace the wooden plank under their feet might come from, or if it maybe was a part of an old railway track, still growing teak trees are protected. During the last decades teak wood was especially used in Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Burma to build houses, palaces, bridges and railway tracks. Nowadays these old teak wood planks are used to build new furniture, floorings and walls – without deleting its traces of usage and its charm. Furthermore reclaimed teak wood contains naturally less moisture than fresh teak wood; therefore it is more durable and more water resistant. Due to this characteristics, reclaimed teak wood is a sustainable and eco-friendly construction material that is especially used in wet and humid climates. One of our main suppliers for reclaimed teak wood is The Old Tree Company!

Naturally, fresh teak wood contains a high amount of oil that protects its surface like a natural mantle. Therefore teak wood is a high requested building material and companies are only able to obtain it from teak wood plantations.