Beach clean up

Part of the philosophy of Inspiral as a company is sustainable and ethical practices. As a business we try to operate in the most eco-friendly manner possible, for example by recycling our waste and encouraging our staff to use plastic at a minimum. We also firmly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility which is why we have for some time supported financially and otherwise the activities of a wonderful organisation called Bye Bye Plastic Bags.



On Saturday 24th February 2018 Bye Bye Plastic Bags organized Bali’s Biggest Beach Clean up. Every year during the monsoon rainy season Indonesia’s waste management problems reach international media due to the sheer scale of rubbish that is washed up on the shores of the island we call home. BBPB and Inspiral are fully aware that beach clean ups are not the solution to the issue long term however a clean up of this scale has the power to create a lot of media attention around the issue, thus prompting action hopefully at government level.

The Inspiral team met at 4pm on Saturday and participated in the event at the Mertasari beach location. Locals and expats alike worked hard and the event prompted much positive discussion and awareness around the use and disposal of plastic. Staff from many other businesses and NGOs were in attendance. All in all it was a wonderful team building and CSR activity.