From the 28th of October to 11th of November 2017 Indonesian Young Architects (IYA) unveils their exhibition, 1 are house: A living space for Bali’s Millennials. Yoda Philo, Inspiral architect, will present his model called AMOGHAus. “Amogha in Sanskirt means productive or fruitful, which is the exact requirement of this exhibition: 1 are is a balinese term for 100 square meters“, the Yoda Philo said.

Yodas client is a young couple. The husband is a tour guide, his wife runs a small diner. His architecture combines the Balinese culture and lifestyle which includes a lot of gatherings at home and religious ceremonies. Therefore, the young Balinese couple needs a lot of functional space.

The idea: Having productive spaces without specific functions or dividers in between. Every space can be used for many purposes according to the needs of the client. Cultural aspects like Balinese spatial philosophy are considered throughout the planning to respect the culture. Sustainability is also implemented on the main construction, which uses a traditional wooden knockdown house, to minimize the building carbon footprint and to anticipate future developments.
“1 are is a quite compact space for a house but it’s getting more common as the price of land keeps rising”, Yoda explains, “therefore, it is important to have events like this exhibition”.

“Increased populations and limitations of land, create an un-fair property market that results in high land prices in Bali. The impact is felt most by the young generation (millennials). This millennial generation, also known as generation Y, is a cohort (demographic group) born in the 1980s to 2000. In other words, This millennial generation is currently dominating the labor force“ (http://bit.ly/2i8ysYy).