Amazing Trends That Should be Followed by Architects in 2020

Every citizen wants a high-quality life in their hometown. Architects also have a hand in improving the quality of life. Architects help in building gorgeous offices, homes, and houses in a country. But with the changing lifestyles and circumstances, the trends of architects are also seeing a shift as they bring innovation according to the need and style of present and future.

Currently, technology is becoming a part of our everyday lives, so everyone wants a smart house with all the latest features. Interior designing of the house is more important along with the outside look. It’s up to the interior designers to design the insides as per the need of the client and also keep in mind the latest trends. The top architect design firm in Bali, the Inspiral Architects have something in a bag that architects will be adopting for your future desires of a dream home or office, check out here;

1. Usage of Space in Small Houses

As the population is increasing each day, we are going to see smaller homes. It will be necessary for architects to use all the available space smartly. Soon, the usage of foldable & hybrid things will increase as they allow to fit more useful things in less area. The higher usage of digital equipment will also take space as technology advances. Small house problem is rising in urban areas, to control it, the architects are coming up with new designs for interior and exterior for offices and homes.

2. Architecture for Every Age Group

Soon, houses will be built for every age group differently. Houses will be in different designs for lower groups while for the senior citizen, the interior and exterior will be different and according to their needs.

3. Digital Architecture Techniques

As technology advances, the construction techniques are also evolving. Most of the work these days is completed with the help of artificial intelligence. It has overall decreased the constructing and designing time. As in the past, the design was made by hand and consumed too much time, but today, with the introduction of new software and hardware, the designing process takes minimal time.

4. Smart Houses Concept

The concept of a smart house is not mainstream yet but the idea is out and many people are looking forward to it. The personal voice assistant “Alexa” is a small example of it where you ask it to switch off the lights and it follows your commands. This is part of a luxury lifestyle but it will help in making homes and offices more secure via automatic door lock system and gadgets through which you can control and watch your home/office security via smartphone. The efficiency of appliances will also increase which will add comfort to your living.

Final Words

Architecture is something that has changed with time and the same will follow in the future. People will need designs according to their desires and needs. Urban areas will have to make architectural changes as they face a “less-space” problem. The above-mentioned trends will see a spike in the coming years.

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