6 Important Questions to Ask Your Architect

After choosing a professional architect for your home renovation or construction, the end results also depends upon the conversation you have with him or her and how nicely you communicate your ideas to him or her. To make conversations as productive as possible, a reliable architecture consulting firm in Bali suggests a few questions you must ask your architect who is going to turn your place into a beautiful paradise.

1. Do You Have references?

The past clients and firms an architect has previously worked with often gives you a better idea about his or her credibility and experience. Ask your architect for the references and then follow up on those, knowing you are working with a reliable person which can save you from unnecessary headaches.

2. What’s Your Time Commitment?

To make the process more efficient, architects and clients should be on a same page from the start. Regular meetings with architects and going through every detail speed up the pace of project. Make sure that you are clear about your requirements to the architect and the kind of time commitment he or she expect from you.

3. How Can I help?

If you are not sure about your part in the project, then get in touch with a reliable architecture firm. Understand the whole organizational process in which you can be helpful with like the timely suggestions which will be sent to you for the review. A detailed discussion with the architect about the specifics will also help find the right solutions.

4. What’s Your Fee Structure?

Every architectural firm charges differently for each of their services. A reliable firm will clearly lay out its fee structure. Make sure you are aware of any additional costs that are not mentioned in the contract. Always mention your budget to the architects so they can cater your needs accordingly and don’t compromise on the quality of work.

5. What Possible Challenges You Can Face?

It is important that you must be aware of the ins and outs of the project, get some insights from your architect about the construction, city approvals, and design challenges. Also, find that if the firm has previously worked on a similar project as yours, knowing what could work or not which can help in finding better solutions.

6. How Will You Explain the Project?

Before the construction process starts, request your architect how he or she will demonstrate the project to you. There are many options available like models, drawings, computer animations or 3D images. Choose the one which will get you the most realistic ideas about your project so you can make any changes or adjustment in the design beforehand.

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